SmartAnythingEverywhere Newsletter April 2020

Dear Reader,

We are very happy to announce that as of January 2020 the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative has entered into Phase 3. Numerous news and developments have transpired during the initial stages of this new phase. Six additional Innovation Actions are now aligned to the SAE initiative offering their expertise and support in Cyber-Physical Systems, Customised Low Energy Computing as well as Flexible and Wearable Electronics.

The Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative is now supported by the Smart4Europe2 Coordination and Support Action as a follow up of Smart4Europe and coordinated by Dr. Meike Reimann from Steinbeis 2i GmbH. The current Covid-19 situation has also been a major factor in the operation of SAE. In this context, Smart4Europe2 and the Innovation Actions aligned with SAE are taking coordinated actions to face this crisis and support SMEs and the general population in overcoming the current scenario.

We kindly invite you to enjoy our latest issue and further learn about the latest SAE developments, the different Innovation Actions, their scope, open calls and possible ways to engage with them. We also invite you to visit our website with regularly updated information

Best Regards,
The team of the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative