The DIHID is a proud member of the EU Project FED4SAE. FED4SAE is part of the Smart-Anything-Everywhere Initiative under the Horizon 2020 Leadership in Enabling Industrial Technologies (LEIT). The three-year project aims to facilitate the acceleration of European Cyber-Physical System (CPS) solutions to market and will boost digitization of European industry by strengthening companies’ competitiveness in the CPS market.

Our DIHID is part of pan-European network of Digital Innovation Hubs with leading industrial companies providing multiple industrial platforms and R&D centers providing access to several advanced platforms and test beds. The project mission also includes innovation management – linking these companies to suppliers and investors to create innovative CPS solutions and accelerate their development and industrialization.

The FED4SAE Open Calls

Through these open call your company get access to technologies, technical expertise, business and financial services to develop new and innovative CPS solutions. The expected duration of the Application Experiment is from 9 to a maximum of 18 months. The average funding per applicant is 50k€ with a maximum of 60k€ for one, at a funding rate of 70% of the budget.

The FED4SAE Ecosystem

The project have gathered an extensive understanding of the Ecosystem surrounding the 6 Hubs so by contacting us we could help you to get in contact with player from around EU.