In Sweden HUBCAP is represented by the KTH Digital Innovation Hub on Industrial Digitalization, the DIHID. Located at the Mechatronics Division at KTH in Stockholm, the DIHID acts as a meeting ground for Tech Scaleups, Industry and Academic Faculties. We offer expertise, testbeds and professional training within the domains of Robotics, Model Based Design, Autonomous Systems and Machine Learning. DIHID also organizes expert talks and conferences to share knowledge between engineering/scientific disciplines and academia-industry. Furthermore, DIHID is involved in the newly launched PECA initiative, which offers a new approach on life-long learning for Swedish Industry.

Our clients work with industrial digitalization on both a strategic and technical level. They are leaders and visionaries, practitioners and strategists who develop and produce products, services and knowledge. We have a close partnership, via our industry network ICES, with more than 30 companies and organizations.

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