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The DIHID is a meeting ground for Tech Scaleups, Industry and Academic Faculties at KTH. A place where industry experts, entrepreneurs and innovators come together to share, learn and create. Our Members work with Industrial Digitalization on both a strategic and a technical level. They are leaders and visionaries, practitioners and strategists. They develop and produce products, services and knowledge.

The DIHID could support your company by bringing together a combination of technical expertise, Support Services and talent. A unique value that is made possible by an open-minded and innovative spirit.

Please don’t hesitate to join our open seminars or to contact us if you think that we could help you.

Local and International

The DIHID act mainly in the local ecosystem but we do also have a broad international network that we leverage from time to time. We are part of several European and Nordic projects.

Expert Advisors

We have access to a broad range for technical and business related experts. Just to be able to give good and strategic advice.

Funding Opportunities

We could guide you among the different funding alternatives that exists, both local and European.

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